Here you can read about onshore student visas (applied for from Australia).

If you clicked on this menu it is likely that you are lucky enough to be in Australia already. Most of our clients want to extend their student visa or another common case is that they want to swap their tourist visa for an Australian student visa.

Student visa extension from Australia aka Next visa.

Most of our clients extend their Australian student visa at least once or even more times. For this there are two main reasons. The most common being that the student has completed their studies and wants to apply for a new course. And the other reason is that the student failed to completed the course within the period specified in the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or until the expiration of the student visa. In both cases the situation is quite simple, because the requirements are the same as they were with the first Australian student visa.

Of course until the evaluation of the new visa a bridging visa becomes valid – in case the previous visa has expired and the evaluation is in progress. On the bridging visa the conditions are the same as on the original visa both for the applicant and the joining family members, if there are any.

It is important to note that from the third extension on the Australian government charges an extra fee of 700 AUD/person from both the main applicant and the joining family members on top of the Australian visa fees. That is why we suggest everybody to apply for a longer visa if they wish to study in Australia for an extended period of time. And of course we can help with the application for course packaging, which can reduce the expenses.


Switching the Australian Tourist visa for an Australian Student visa aka Next visa.

Some of our clients wish to visit Australia and taste the everyday Aussie life before they commit themselves to a longer course. Under certain circumstances there was a way to do that formerly, too, but with the changes in July of 2016 the Australian government made it much easier.

If you apply for a Student visa while you are in Australia on an Australian Tourist visa or an eVisitor visa, you need to meet the same requirements as you would if you applied offshore (from outside of Australia). The evaluation time is similar, too. The drawback of an onshore student visa is that neither the applicant nor their family members are allowed to work during the evaluation, but it has a great advantage as well, that the student can start their studies even before applying for the student visa.

If you have any questions about your next visa, contact us in our office in Australia in person, via email or on the phone.