You can find information here about the visa types that are useful for immigrating family members.

Family unification is an option believed to offer a chance by many whose relative, family member lives in the country.

Unfortunately, in reality it is more difficult than that, since the chances of an Australian resident family helping a relative to successfully obtain a residence visa are quite slim.

Below we list some of the most popular family visas:


Australian partner visa

The Australian partner visa offers the possibility of residence for couples, where the members are in a recognized relationship, and one of them has got a residence visa or Australian citizenship. If the Department of Home Affairs recognizes the relationship as existent, the non-Australian partner is issued a so-called temporary residence permit which allows them to gain full-term employment in Australia, to study, etc. After two years, provided that the relationship is still existent, the sponsored partner becomes eligible for a permanent Australian residence visa.

Besides the information mentioned above, we would like to emphasise that the Department of Home Affairs takes a liberal approach and recognises same-sex relationships.


Australian children visa

Australian children’s visa offers residence for those who are under 26 and one of their parents is either an Australian citizen or was awarded permanent residence permit. The applicant is required to be financially dependent from the parent, registered as a student and required to be single.


Australian parent visa

Many would like to relocate their parents from the home country to Australia, but this process is either very time-consuming or quite costly.

If a direct descendant is either an Australian citizen or was awarded permanent residence permit, they may sponsor their parents. They have two ways to do so: the first one puts the parents onto a long waiting list (10-12 years at the moment), or they pay a fee of ~50.000 AUD per parent to the Australian government, and only a part of this sum will be reimbursed in time.

Besides the abovementioned visas, several other family-based residence visas exist, but there are very few who can meet their requirements. For further information please contact our offices.