This section is the collection of useful ideas and pieces of advice about the flight, customs control and many more that could have been helpful for us before starting our journey to Australia. As we have been regularly commuting between Sydney and Budapest there are already several thousands of kilometres behind us since we started our company. So the advice below we believe to be absolutely beneficial:



  • Australian dollar is limited in the Hungarian exchange offices so if you would like to change a larger amount of money you should be prepared to do it in a couple of days.
  • You can open a new bank account at a bank such as Unicredit or K&H that can manage your financial affairs in Australian dollars. In that case our central office in Australia can arrange it for you free of charge and you have nothing else to do but to simply transfer the money from one account to the other.
  • In case you take more than 10.000 AUD cash you must declare the amount on the so called passenger card before entering the country according to the Law in Australia.

Injections, medications

  • There is no need to have any special injections or medications when you travel into Australia.
  • In case you need to take any kind of medications with you that could give a reason for abuse such as steroids or opiates you should indicate it before entering the country.
  • No other medication such as Aspirin or ones containing paracetamol sufficient for 3 months – not longer than that – should be declared

Checklist – Things you must have

Before leaving home check to have the following necessary items on you ( not in your luggage but in a safe well-closed waistbag) by all means.

  • Your printed Australian visa
  • Valid passport
  • Mobilephone
  • Your Australian printed official confirmation if you have one
  • Cash – Australian dollars
  • Pen


  • Be at the airport 1,5 hour before checking in. It might seem long for the first time but on hand hand time flies quicly, on the other hand if any problem occured (your luggage is overload, you have forgetten your flight tickets) you can solve these promlems without hurry/fusskapkodás.
  • Generally speaking, your luggage can weigh up to 23-32 kgs depending on the particular airline company. Your hand luggage up to 5-8 kgs and a laptopbag. Weight allowances vary according to the different airline companies. Though a certain overload could be permitted, a heavy overload will definitely be extra charged.
  • You do not need to pick up your luggage every time you change flights, they will be there for you when you arrive in Australia.
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone with you so that you can receive and initiate phone calls abroad too. You may need it in case your flight is delayed or if you have problems at the border . A phone will enable you to get connected to our team at the central office in Sydney who can be immediately at your service.


  • As the flight is long and tiring (almost 30 hours all together with the transfers) and there is quite chilly on board it is worth getting dressed comfortably wearing two sets of clothing. It might sound strange first but a pair of trainers and a tracksiut could be the best option during travelling.
  • You do not need to take food, pillow or blanket with you. These will be provided on the plane.Sufficient qualitiy and quantity of food is usually served on planes even on the economy class. These are all included in the price.
  • If you tend to have headaches take some pills or painkillers because they cannot give you on the plane.
  • We rise the attention of female passengers to take on board a smaller amount of facial and mouth moisturizing creme because the climate on the plane can dry their skin.
  • Due to the long and tiresome journey there are screens (usually touchscreens) built into the seats of the airplane where you can watch films, serials , listen to musical CD-s or play several different games.
  • Most likely you need to change flights at least once so you should pay attention to all the different information giving details about the transfer to find your connecting flight.
  • One hour before landing you will get an incoming passenger card you need to fill in on board (that is why you need a pen). This the first official Australian document where you will be lawfully kept responsible for your answers with your signature. This card should be handed to the authorities entering the country. If you would like we can give you such a sample passenger card in Hungarian


  • One of our premium services is that a member of our Australian team will be waiting for you at the Sydney airport and take you to one of our student accommodation in Sydney.
  • As you have got freshed after your one and a half day flight, (because of the jetleg it is not advisable to lie down and sleep) please come into our central office to start processing your tax number. Our office will help you to have your first bank account in Australia within the 24 hours of your arrival.

If you arrive somewhere else not Sydney my team will help you there too over the phone.

We will assist you in everyday thing too such as buying a converter to the power units or getting documents, licences only accessable in Australia.