The eVisitor system was introduced in 2008 by the Australian Department of Immigration in order to ease the application of visas for the citizens of some European countries, among them Hungary. The eVisitor visa is, in essence, a tourist visa, which may be applied for online – without a fee. The eVisitor visa has got another important advantage compared to the tourist visa: its evaluation is considerably faster than the document-based applications; provided that you meet every criterion, the evaluation may take place in 24 hours.

The eVisitor visa is most suited to either those who would like to spend their holidays and relax in Australia or to those who would like to visit their friends or relatives there. This type of visa offers no working permit under any circumstances, but if you wish to study for no longer than 3 months in Australia, this visa allows you to do so without having to apply for a student visa. The eVisitor visa is valid for 12 months, but you are not allowed to stay in Australia longer than 3 consecutive months.


  • You must possess adequate financial background and be able to prove it towards the Australian government upon request, e.g. through bank account statement, employer’s certification of income, tax papers etc.
  • This visa may only be applied for from outside Australia.
  • You must be in good health, but the only clear reason for denial of the application is if you are diagnosed with TB.
  • You are not legally bound to have a valid health or travel insurance, but the Australian government may still require you to have one. We recommend you to take out a policy; otherwise all occurring medical expenses will have to be covered by you.

The administration fee of CSE Australia:

  • Standard: 24 900 HUF
  • Applicants with previously refused visas: 34 900 HUF