• I would like to immigrate to Australia, but I haven’t done anything yet. Where should I start?

    Please read through our website first, where you can find plenty of useful information about Australia, the different type of visas and our company. If you have any further questions or you would like to have an appointment for a personal consultation, please reach out to us under Contact.
    Or you have the opportunity to attend one of our Immigration Seminars, which we hold regularly in Budapest. You can apply under CSE events.

  • Why do I need an accredited immigration agent to immigrate to Australia? Isn’t it cheaper if I arrange it by myself?

    The Australian Immigration Policy is very complicated and it changes quite often. Our Qualified Education Agents and Counsellors in Australia and our Registered Migration Agent in Australia have years of experience and they are up to date with the immigration law and the conditions of the different visas. Our colleagues can help you see through the Australian visa system, answer all of your questions and help you receive the optimal type of visa as soon as possible. They keep in touch with the Australian Department of Home Affairs and do all the administration for you. If you would like to know, your Australian visa is in good hands and want to save some time for yourself, we definitely recommend you to consult a professionally trained Immigration Agent, who is accredited in Australia.

  • Why should I choose an agency with an Immigration Agent accredited in Australia?

    Only an Immigration Agent accredited in Australia can officially give you advice about Australian immigration. Only somebody, who is professionally trained and knows the Australian Immigration Policy profoundly can consult you about one of the most determinate decisions in your life, settling down in Australia, reliably and fairly according to his or her best knowledge.

  • Why does an educational adviser company need Australian accreditation?


    Because this is the guarantee, that the company knows every aspect of the Australian education system profoundly. The Australian government recognises CSE Australia as an official educational adviser company.

  • Why should I choose CSE Australia over other agencies?
    • Qualified Education Agents and Counsellors and Registered Migration Agent in Australia work in our team, who are highly trained.
    • We specialise solely in Australian immigration and education.
    • The owners of CSE Australia are Australian citizens and they have been living in Australia for more than 10 years.
    • We have offices both in Australia and in Hungary.
    • We will find the most favourable solutions, that are optimal for your case.
    • We can guarantee the best services at a favourable price with our free services and our own infrastructure.
    • Our premium services are also at your disposal.
  • Is it possible to take my family with me? Even if they don’t speak English?

    Usually the visa is valid for spouses/partners and children, but not for siblings or parents. It does not depend on the language skills of the family members.

  • How long does the administration take if I want to study/work in Australia?

    This is a very complex question. We can generally say, that there are as many different evaluation times as there are different type of visas. During a personal consultation we can give you more details, after we have chosen the type of the visa you are applying for.

  • People of which qualifications/professions are welcome in Australia?

    The Australian Department of Home Affairs updates the list of skill shortages several times a year. This list is the basis of the conditions of the Australian qualification-based immigration and sponsored temporary and permanent visa system. The list of professions (STSOL, formerly: CSOL) that grant the right to apply is wide, but for the independent applications there is a much shorter list (MLTSSL, formerly: SOL). On these lists are plenty of professions from engineers and medical workers to carpenters. At CSE Australia our Immigration Agent accredited in Australia can calculate your chances based on your profession, professional experience, age and language skills and tell you whether it is worth to come to a personal consultation and start the process of the visa administration.

  • How hard is it to find a job in Australia?

    The type of your visa and your language skills obviously affect your chances of getting a good job in Australia. At the beginning of your stay you shouldn’t reject jobs like washing-up, cleaning, flyer distribution, being a waiter or bartender or doing physical work, especially if you don’t have good language skills.

  • Can it occur that the Australian authorities reject my visa application?

    It is rare, but possible. That is why it is important that a Qualified Education Agent and Counsellor or a Registered Migration Agent in Australia manages your case. According to Australian law nobody can grant a positive visa evaluation, but we can guarantee, that your visa application will meet all the legal and formal conditions required by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

  • Will I and my family members be covered by insurance in Australia?

    Of course. Some types of visas require a prearranged insurance and after receiving a permanent residency you and your family automatically receives insurance.
    If you are visiting the country as a tourist, we recommend you to obtain a full insurance for your whole stay. Our company can help you with the whole administration.

  • Can I keep my Hungarian citizenship if I settle down in Australia?

    You do not have to terminate your Hungarian citizenship if you acquire the Australian one. You will then have two passports and dual citizenship.

  • Is the medical examination obligatory and who can carry it out?

    For the majority of the Australian visas there is no obligatory medical examination, but in certain cases the officer evaluating your visa might ask for one. In Hungary only doctors designated by the Australian government are allowed to carry out the examination.

  • Are there any obligatory vaccinations?

    There are no obligatory vaccinations for entering the country. Australia’s medical and epidemiological situation is not different from Europe’s. Only people travelling to specific parts of Australia are recommended to have a Hepatitis B vaccination.
    But the vaccination for Yellow Fever is compulsory if you are coming from or travelling through an infected country.

  • Do the spiders, insects, scorpions and other wild animals in Australia pose a real threat to people?

    The biggest health threat in Australia is sunburn. Sunglasses, long sleeves and sun cream with high factors is justifiable even in the winter. Accidents caused by wild animals have great media coverage, but are actually very rare and can be prevented with proper caution. Animals such as medusa, poisonous snakes and spiders can be a risk. But if we always go into the water at daytime in guarded beaches and stay in the areas marked with buoys, then bathing is safe. On the ground dangerous animals are signed with boards, but today snake and spider bites do not mean real danger, as there has been safe antiserums for decades.

  • How much is the administration fee at CSE Australia?

    The administration charge is determined by the type of visa you apply for. For more information please contact our office in Australia or in Hungary.

  • How long does the evaluation of the Australian visas usually take?

    There are many different type of visas and the evaluation time is largely determined by the type of visa you are applying for. Usually if the visa grants more rights and freedom for the applicant, then the Australian Department of Home Affairs will ask for more documents from the applicant and his or her family members, if they are joining the visa, too, and this might make the process longer.
    Because of this the evaluation time differs from visa to visa.

  • If I need to translate a Hungarian document to English, where should I take it?

    If you need to translate any Hungarian document for the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, you only have to send or bring the document into our office. We can help to speed up the visa administration for you with this, too.

  • What can I do, if I would like to consult you, but cannot make it into your office?

    Online consultation is possible, too. If you choose this type of communication, please send us an e-mail. We are available on Skype, Messenger and Viber. We would like to ask you to read through our website before the conversation. We assume that during the consultation you are going to have specific (and not general) questions.

  • How hard is it to start an enterprise in Australia?

    According to our experience, the Australian government and the tax office is absolutely friendly towards entrepreneurs. Obtaining a business registration and establishing a company is significantly easier than in Hungary. If you have any further questions, please contact us in our Hungarian or Australian office.

  • Is there an age limit for travelling to Australia?

    If you are travelling to Australia as a tourist, there is no age limit. But if you are planning to settle down or work in Australia, there are some restrictions concerning age.