The Australian education institutions provide such world-class qualifications, which are preferred and sought for both by employers and schools, not only in English-speaking countries but in all over the world.

Furthermore, the Australian government offer unique opportunities for those arriving in the country with a student visa : parallel to attending the courses, each student has the possibility to take even a full-time job. This gives students the chance to cover the costs of their tuition fees and their living expenses during their stay.

In Hungary only the CSE Australia has Educational Advisor qualifications accredited in Australia (QUEAC E237QUEAC E477), which enables us to provide a wide range of choices in any fields of Australian education for all of our clients. You can find everything at us, ranging from elementary English language courses, through vocational training to the courses of the most reputable universities. Our offices in Budapest and Sydney provide you with constant support from the moment of applying for a visa till the end of your studies.

Owing to our contracts with several Australian educational institutions, we can offer you courses on the most favourable prices and conditions.

Above our administration procedures, our premium services are also available for our clients.


The Australian education is acknowledged worldwide and the qualifications gained here are accepted and appreciated by employers and educational institutions alike, not only in English-speaking countries but worldwide. University courses are outstanding, several Australian universities are among the top-rated institutions on the international rankings.

The Australian educational system

The Australian educational system follows the Anglo-Saxon pattern. The primary and high schools are 8 plus 4 years and depending on the entrance exam results, it is possible to go on to a vocational or a university course. It is also possible to continue studying at a university course with a relevant field even after completing a vocational training and the universities often count the duration of the previous course in the length of their training.

Main courses

Under the age of 18 it is possible to join Australian secondary school. Students from abroad prefer to take the secondary school leaving exam here, as it is easier to meet the requirements of the entrance exams of universities and to start their higher education.

As for English language courses, you can choose from general English, exam preparatory courses and specialised English courses focusing on different professions. Only foreign students study in the language courses coming from all over the world, so learning the language becomes fast and effective this way. You can join the courses ranging from elementary to advanced levels on a weekly basis and it is also possible to decide the length of the course. Anyone can apply for a language course in Australia and there is no age limit or necessary former education.

The professional courses are generally 0,5-2,5 years long depending on the intensity and the level of the qualification. There is a wide range of professions to choose from. The most popular ones are business courses, but you can also study tourism, catering, finance, healthcare, IT, sport or even trades of the building industry. The basic requirement to enrol for professional courses is to have at least intermediate level of English knowledge or a proof of a paid language course prior to the professional course in Australia.

It is possible to attend courses of higher education on Bachelor and Master level on the widest possible range of professions. Qualifications obtained here are acknowledged not only in Australia but internationally accepted and appreciated.

Package deal programmes

It is not rare that those who intend to study would like to complete more than one course in a ’package’ and the applicant gets a student visa for the duration of the whole programme, sometimes even for 4-5 years. In case of such programmes, it is not necessary to pay the whole fee, only a deposit to book the courses in advance. Apart from this advantage, the completion of several professional courses can mean a 1-1.5 years deduction from the 3-year-long university course, so the applicant can obtain a university degree on a significantly lower price. CSE Australia can offer you plenty of exclusive solutions with very favourable conditions.

Student visa

Those who intend to study in Australia have to apply for a student visa which is granted by the Department of Immigration of Australia and the visa is valid for the whole duration of the one or more courses. To receive this kind of visa, you will need to book the course and prove you have the amount of money necessary to cover your living expenses. (For more information please contact us.)
You are allowed to work 20 hours a week during your studies and the immediate family (spouse/partner and children under 18) can be included in the visa, so the family can travel to Australia together.