• What shall I take with me?

      Only those things that are important for your personal needs and you would take with you on a longer holiday as well. The number and weight of the luggage you can take with you on the plane can vary depending on the airline you are travelling with. We recommend you to find out this information from the airline you purchased your ticket from.

    • Who is going to wait for me at the airport and how can we find each other?

      In case you are coming to Sydney and book accommodation in our houses, you are entitled to our premium service free of charge, which means that our colleague will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the accommodation.

    • Can I book accomodation at CSE Australia even if I travel there with another company?

      Of course you can. Our accommodation services are available to you even in that case.

    • How much does the accommodation cost?

      Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need a price offer. You can find help under the Contacts menu.

    • How far is my school from the houses?

      The schools are in the city centre, maximum 30 minutes from the accommodation by public transport.

    • What happens if I want to move from one house to an other?

      In case there is a vacancy and your moving is reasonable, we can solve the problem.

    • Is there public transportation at night?

      Yes, buses are in service even at nighttime.

    • Is it allowed to smoke in the houses?

      It is forbidden to smoke in the houses. You are allowed to smoke only in the areas assigned for this purpose after consulting the other tenants and the management.

    • Can I have a pet?

      Unfortunately pets are not allowed.

    • Who cleans the houses?

      You and all the other tenants of the house. The management prepares the cleaning schedule every week, dividing the tasks among the tenants.

    • Where can I get the chemicals for cleaning?

      The tenants of the house buy these things together.

    • Is it possible to collect waste selectively?


    • Do I have to pay for the heating?

      Yes, in case you need it, we can provide you with radiators in the winter.