• Why is it important for an organisation dealing with education to have an Australian registration number?

    Because it is the guarantee that the company is professional at all the fields of Australian education.

  • How much does CSE Australia charge for the consultation about the Student visa?

    The consultation is free of charge.

  • What does it mean that CSE Australia has an accreditation?

    It means that it has a complete overview of the Australian education. The Australian government acknowledges CSE Australia as an official educational counsellor company.

  • What kind of accreditations do the members of the company have?

    QEAC No: E237 and E477MARN: 0851996

  • What kind of courses are there in Australia?

    Language courses, vocational trainings and courses of higher education.

  • Is it necessary for me to speak English to study in Australia?

    It is not necessary, but you will have to start with an English language course first of all.

  • How long can I study in Australia?

    As long as you pay for the courses.

  • What is the age limit for applying for a Student visa?

    The visa does not have any limitation on age.

  • Can I take a family member/partner with me?

    Of course, your family member/partner can join you on your visa and you can enter the country together under the same visa if you meet the conditions.

  • In case I would like to stay in Australia with my spouse/partner, do we both have to study?

    In case you wish to come to Australia under the same visa, it is possible that only one of you goes to school while the other is allowed to work part-time.

  • Can we go under one visa if we would both like to study?

    If you both wish to study longer than 3 months, you will have to apply for two separate Student visas.

  • How many years can I have a Students visa for?

    It has no time limit. It depends on the duration of your course.

  • Can I seek help from CSE Australia even if I did not arrive to Australia via this company?

    Yes, of course.

  • What should I do if my Student visa expires, but I would like to keep on studying in Australia?

    In this case come and visit us in our head office in Sydney and we will arrange your visa application.

  • What kind of job can I get as a student?

    It depends solely on your own initiatives and skills. The employment rate is very good in Australia, especially in Sydney.
    If you need more information, please check out this link.

  • How much hourly wage can I expect as a student?

    The employers usually give at least the minimum wage even to newcomer students.

  • Do I have to purchase coursebooks?

    It varies in every school and training. The coursebook and photocopy cost must be paid in advance.

  • Am I going to be covered by insurance if I go to Australia on a Student visa?

    Of course, as one of the conditions of your visa is to have a comprehensive insurance during your stay, which is administered by CSE Australia absolutely free of charge.

  • Where are the schools?

    Most of the language schools are in the city centre on an easily accessible, busy location.

  • Can I park at the school?

    Most schools in the city centre do not provide parking spaces.

  • Can I buy something to eat in the school?

    There are different possibilities to have a meal in each school, but food and drink vending machines can be found in each of them.

  • Can I take my children with me if I am going to study in Australia?

    Of course you can. Your children can be included in your Student visa. It will cost 150 AUD for each child above your own visa fee.

  • Is it compulsory for my children to attend school in Australia?

    Yes, if your visa includes dependent children between the ages of 5-18, you are obliged to enrol them for school.

  • How much does schooling children cost in Australia?

    The tuition fee of state schools is different in each state and region, but it will probably be between 4500-10 000 AUD per year.

  • Do I have to go through a health check before handing in a Student visa?


  • How much does the compulsory health check cost?

    There is no compulsory medical check-up for a Student visa application for Hungarian citizens. If you are not a Hungarian citizen, you should check the regulations for your citizenship.

  • Who can perform the necessary health check-up for a Student visa application?

    Only the doctors appointed by the Australian government can perform the compulsory health check.

  • Which city offers the cheapest language and professional courses?

    The prices are the most favourable in Sydney because the number of institutions providing language and professional courses are the highest here, so there is a great competition in prices. However, the lower prices should not mislead anyone: the quality of education is of the highest standard worldwide.

  • How many hours can my spouse/partner work per week if he/she is coming with me during my studies?

    The amount of working hours depends on the chosen course. In case you are going to attend a language or a professional course, your spouse/partner is eligible to work 20 hours per week leagally, and in the school holidays he/she can work full-time. However, there are certain types of courses, which enable your partner to work full-time throughout the schoolyear. In case you need further information, get in touch with our Australian head office or our office based in Hungary.

  • How many hours am I allowed to work per week while I am studying?

    The Student visa makes you eligible to work 20 hours a week, and you are allowed to work full-time legally during the school breaks.

  • Do I need to have former professional education if I would like to learn a trade and not English language?

    No, you do not need any professional knowledge before these courses.

  • Do I have to prove my financial background if I would like to study in Australia?

    If you would like to study in Australia, you don’t necessarily have to demonstrate your financial background at the time of the visa application. However, sometimes the case officer can request financial statements from Student visa applicants. In that case you will have to prove to the Australian government, that you have a sufficient financial background to be able to subsist during your studies even if you do not take up a job. In case you need further information, get in touch with our educational advisors in our Australian head office or in our office based in Hungary.

  • How long does the evaluation of the Australian Student visa usually take?

    The evaluation time of the Australian Student visa (Subclass 500) depends on the type of the requested training or course. According to the data of the Australian Department of Home Affairs the evaluation does not take longer than 52 days 90% of the time, but it is usually even faster. In our experience the Department tries to evaluate the applications as fast as they can, but they did not set an upper limit for the evaluation time.

  • How can I prove to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, that I possess the required financial coverage?

    The easiest way to prove your financial background is with your own bank account. The required amount depends on the number of applicants (one person, a couple or a family), the length of the visa and even the type of the chosen course.
    The required amount can be in any currency, the official of the Australian government will convert the sum on the account into Australian dollars at the current exchange rate at the time of the evaluation of the visa.

  • Do I need to go into your office if I want to consult you about the Australian Student visa?

    It is not absolutely necessary. Online consultation is also possible. If you choose this type of communication, please send us an e-mail. We are available on Skype. We would like to ask you to read through our website before the conversation. We assume that during the consultation you are going to have specific (and not general) questions.

  • Can I apply for an Australian Student visa if I am already in Australia?

    You can, but it also depends on the type of visa you are in Australia with.
    For more information please contact us in our office in Australia.

  • Can I start an enterprise in Australia if I have a Student visa?

    Yes, you can. Several of our clients have started enterprises in different cities in Australia with a Student visa.
    According to our experience, the Australian government and the tax office is absolutely friendly towards entrepreneurs. Obtaining a business registration and establishing a company is significantly easier than in Hungary. If you have any further questions, please contact us in our Hungarian or Australian office.

  • How many times can I extend my Australian Student visa?

    According to present regulations you can extend your Australian Student visa any number of times, in case you didn’t break any of the conditions of your last visa and still meet all the conditions for the new one.
    But we would like to call your attention to the fact that if you are applying for at least your third temporary Australian visa without a break between them, then you are required to pay an extra charge of 700 AUD/person for the extension to the Australian Department of Home Affairs on top of the fee of the visa.