Australian sponsored working visa

The Australian government created the sponsored employee visa for those who wish to move to the continent in order to find work instead of studying or immigration.

This visa subclass is considered popular among Australian employers because it allows them to employ highly qualified, experienced foreign professionals from all over the globe. In short, if you are seeking a better paying job or a career that elevates more quickly, or simply strive for a international work experience and therefore you would like to work in Australia for a few years, this visa type is your obvious choice.

With an Australian sponsored employee visa, you are allowed to work in Australia for 2 or 4 years (depending on th type of your employee visa), and you are required to remain employed by your sponsor. Good news is that with this visa your spouse or partner is also allowed to work full-time in Australia as well.

Basic requirements:

  • A job offer, issued to your name, from an Australian company permitted to sponsor.
  • Sufficient command of the English language, which, in some cases, must be certified via a valid IELTS exam.
  • You must possess the qualification and/or work experience that enables sponsorship.
  • Australian health insurance policy.
  • The visa is issued for a fee.