Australian immigration or emigration? Depends on the point of view!

In this case, we are more likely talking about immigration, since, if you are reading this section of our website, chances are that you are pondering over continuing your life in Australia.

Therefore, the following information is intended for those who are interested in immigrating to Australia.

You can find out much here about the Australian immigration process, employment and we also provide you with a general insight about the possibilities in connection with different visas. The Registered Migration Agents of CSE Australia will help you find the applicable visa for you among the hundreds of possible choices.

Since the Australian immigration system is very complex and intricate, in this section we just outline the methods and possibilities that allow you to travel to Australia. Thus, if we managed to grab your attention and you wish for more detailed, personalised information with uniquely high quality on the Hungarian market, visit our office in Budapest or our main office in Sydney. To those who are interested and reside in Hungary, we recommend our regular presentations on immigration, where our Registered Migration Agent, Edith Pleskonics informs our visitors about the most recent immigration methods.

Though there are innumerable sources available concerning the questions about immigration to Australia, we still recommend that you visit our presentation, because a significant portion of these sources is based on partial or half-truths and it is not uncommon that you find hearsay or dead ends during your search.