Here you can read about CSE Australia's clients who study or work in Australia.

Puskás Bernadett és Hugyi Tamás

...Edit and Csaba are two committed, up-to-date, creative professionals... I am certain this relationship will accompany us for a long time to come.


Rajz Juli

...CSEAustralia is very popular among international students, not just Hungarians. I keep running into classmates who also rent rooms from them...


Kerekes Nóra és Péter

...I called Edit Pleskonics, we made an appointment and 15 minutes after setting foot in her office we knew how to go on and what to do...


Gerlach Csaba

...This kind of company and service is a rarity these days, hats off to you! I would like to say thank you from here too to everyone for all the help! :)


Samuel Kolumban

...The quality and promptness of their work made our everyday life much easier and let us see the real value of our options. If you want to go to Australia, they are the only ones I recommend! They arrange and solve everything in order for us to live comfortably on this distant continent...


Eperjesi Nándor

...It makes me feel safe that no matter what problem I encounter, I can always turn to them, be it consulting with Edit about migration, visa arrangement or even needing a table...