Student Jobs in Australia

Practically everybody is interested in getting a job in Australia so here you can get a lot of useful information based on our own and our clients’personal experience. Obviously no one can surely guarantee you to find a job right from the beginning. However, we can promise you one thing: if you read through all the information below you have surely taken the first step towards facing an adventure being well-prepared and fully-informed.

The first job opportunities

Do not underestimate the first jobs such as washing-up dishes, cleaning, handing out flyers and any other physical labour you may come across after your arrival. Opposed to the situation in Hungary, people doing menial duties are treated just as fairly as anyone else in Australia regardless their origin, skin colour, age or visa type. These type of jobs can prove to be very helpful because on the one hand, you will have a chance to adjust to the Australian lifestyle and get to know their work ethics. On the other hand, they can be your financial springboard to become independent and self-sufficient on the way of becoming independent. You will not need to live up your accumulated savings that you may have planned to spend in a different way. So let’s get going! Take the jobs that you are less keen on as through them you can get the first grip towards stability and they can lead you to other even better job opportunities in the future. Do not forget: we have been there too!

Those who look for a job will find one

Go out to the city and just bravely walk into employers with a well-written English CV and references from your previous workplaces. By doing so employers can get to know your skills, gifts and agility immediately. Believe it or not, you will have a good chance to find a job because people who are ready and motivated to work are always gladly welcome in Australia.

It is also worth looking around the internet at some well-known Australian job advertising websites.

One more piece of good advice.

In case you are applying for jobs over the net attaching your CV and cover letter, it is highly advisable to write them on your own. If someone else writes them instead of you, your employer will think that you have misled him regarding your command of English and as a result you might fail to get the job.

Every beginning is hard, we know it well. We are also convinced that getting a job in Australia is possible as the saying goes: There is no such thing as hoplessness just helplessness. All our clients and employees of our company are the living examples for that. If someone would really like to work will find their first job in a couples weeks in Australia.