Hungarian Health Insurance

Here you can read about the obligations and possibilities in connection with the Hungarian health insurance (TB)

Based on our own experience as well, we know that there are plenty of things to do and arrange for those who intend to spend a longer period of time in Australia even after receiving the long-awaited Australian visa. One of the important questions among these is what to do with the Hungarian health insurance. We would like to give some useful advice in this matter below.

Basically, we can pay the healthcare benefit in two ways : our employer pays it for us or we pay it ourselves. No matter which way but everyone who lives in Hungary is obliged to pay this fee. But what to do when someone knows that he/she is not going to return to Hungary, foreseeably for long years ?

One of the possible solutions is to go to your local National Tax and Customs Authority and report that you are going to leave the country with the intention to settle elsewhere. In this case, your Hungarian address is deleted (of course, it does not affect your properties ) and your obligation to pay the health insurance is over. There is only one disadvantage of this possible solution : in case you wish to return to Hungary on a permanent basis, you are not entitled to use the services of the Hungarian healthcare system for a year, but you are obliged the pay the fee during this period. However, if you are employed by a company or start a company yourself when returning – or within a year – you become liable to use the healthcare system fully.

The other option is to keep paying the fee of the Hungarian health insurance by yourself – this fee is 7,320 HUF per month (2018) – until you are absolutely sure to have settled here in Australia permanently. Then you can go through the check out procedure mentioned above in the authorities in charge.

In case you keep your Hungarian address registered at the authorities but you do not pay the 7,320 HUF per month, the tax authority has the right to claim the total amount from you anytime back to a 5-year-long period. (This way, it might mount to a payable sum of several hundreds of thousands of HUF.) Meanwhile, there is a possibility to hand in a request to the tax authority to acquit you of paying the health insurance fee in the frame of a special procedure.

We would like to emphasize that the information given above are just to give you a general picture and we advise you to contact the National Tax and Customs Authority in such matters.