We set up CSE Australia in Sydney with the aim to provide full-scale service to students, workers and immigrants arriving in Australia.

Due to our professional background and more than 15 years of experience, we, the owners of CSE Australia guarantee high quality, personalized administration for each client in Australian immigration and educational matters. We can also provide accommodation to our clients arriving in Sydney.

We arrived in Australia as students as well more than a decade ago, so we went through the stages of language-learning, job-seeking, adapting to the new culture and becoming a permanent resident. Since we experienced all the difficulties of this process in our own life, we are absolutely aware of the pitfalls that can come up on the way. The objective of the team of CSE Australia is to provide reliable, high-quality, full-scale service to its clients in the long run.

We have the qualifications and accreditations acknowledged by the Australian authorities, which is essential for the professional administration process. It guarantees the quality of the service we offer to our clients. Our team is made up of migration legal experts and educational advisors accredited in Australia.

Our central office based in Sydney, and our branch office in Budapest give you the opportunity to get assistance in your preparation for the journey to Australia and to be there with you on your arrival as well. After your arrival, the office of CSE Australia in Sydney is going to help you to adapt in the new situation with non-stop availability, useful advice and premium services.