Janos Toth and Viktoria Toth-Varga

Janos Toth and Viktoria Varga-Toth contacted us in 2012 and asked for help with going to Australia. And now they are happily living in Gold Coast as Australian permanent residents.

In 2013:
„It is our fourth day here, on the land of the kangaroos. It has been my childhood dream to come here and Viki has wanted to come back ever since she visited the country… We found the website of CSE Australia while searching on the Internet, and we have read it through several times from start to finish… After the Immigration Seminar we collected the necessary documents and started the visa application. And after three weeks we received a positive evaluation!...”

In 2015:
„...We are very pleased to share with You, that two more of our clients have successfully taken the last but one step towards Australian settlement.
Janos and Viki arrived in Australia two years ago with a Student visa… Since then Janos has passed the necessary language exam for a working visa and Viki’s father, who is also living in Australia, became their sponsor…
Now they are the happy owners of a Skilled Temporary visa (Subclass 489), so it’s only a matter of time until they can become permanent residents and then Australian citizens.
We warmly congratulate them!...”

In 2018:
“…And yesss, many years have passed since we set foot in Australia, but we finally received the PR visa. Many thanks to the team of CSE Australia. We were able to count on them both in the beginning and in the finale. Without them this dream would not have come true. Based on our personal experience they do not sell a pig in a poke, they did not wile or daze or paint a pink cloud around us. On the contrary, they always emphasized, that we should prepare ourselves for a rather hard and long journey.”