IELTS – International English Language Testing System

IELTS is the only language exam which is accepted by the Australian government for immigration purposes.

Since IELTS is just gaining prominence in Hungary, we would like to provide you an extensive review.

You have probably heard of IELTS, but some of its aspects may be hazy for you, since we first encountered IELTS as we were applying to an Australian university or for Australian citizenship.

We have decided to present IELTS in such detail because no matter whom we were addressing on this matter, no one could provide us with real, first-hand information. Now, though, we can proudly say that all proprietors of our company have passed the IELTS exam.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an acronym, meaning International English Language Testing System. Although IELTS used to be scantly known in the past few years, by now the situation changed dramatically; IELTS became one of the most sought for language exam worldwide.

Why choose IELTS?

Primarily because this is the international language test required and acknowledged by the immigration offices of several countries, due to the fact that it proves certifiably that you can adequately understand, read, write and speak English. Additionally, IELTS is acknowledged, even preferred by prestigious universities worldwide, and, following a free of charge naturalisation process, it is also accepted by the Hungarian institutes of higher education.
Last but not least, IELTS is the only exam acknowledged by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia, if you wish to become an immigrant, study or work in Australia.

How is IELTS structured?

IELTS is a complex exam, meaning that it is not divided into individual levels (e.g. there is no intermediate level IELTS exam), there are only two types: the

Academic IELTS is required mainly by universities and colleges, and it is also necessary in order to have certain profession acknowledged which require a diploma in higher education. Such professions are e.g. healthcare and public education. In all other cases, a General IELTS exam is sufficient.

IELTS consists of four main areas, as follows:

There are two areas where the Academic Module and the General Training overlap: Listening and Speaking.
Reading and Writing are quite different, though, and require different knowledge base.

How is IELTS evaluated?

IELTS is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 9. On one hand, there is an overall score, and there is one score per area (Each Band). Generally speaking, if an Each Band minimum is set out for immigration purposes, for instance an IELTS 6.0 is required for a certain profession which means that the applicant is expected to score at least 6.0 in each area.

Where can I prepare for IELTS?

CSE Australia offers two options to you. On one hand, as a company which offers Australian education, we organise IELTS courses in every major city in Australia.