Orsolya Teknyos and Andras Vasko

We decided over a year ago to start a new adventure, and because my sibling lives in Australia (Sydney), it was no question that we headed that way as well. My sibling recommended CSE Australia, so we knew for sure, that we have chosen the best agency possible. And they have proved it right, because they were there for us to help with any question or problem. We are very happy, that we chose them and we are completely satisfied, since we have the visa in our pockets and school has already started! :-)

All in all we can only recommend the team of CSE Australia to everyone, who chooses Australia in hope of a new life.
We would like to say thank You again to the whole team, Andi, Edith, Csaba and Timi, we couldn’t be here without You.

Thank you,
Orsi & Andras