Gyula Pirok, Agnes Lakner and Peter Krisztian Pirok

We decided on Australia a long time ago. Maybe going to the other side of the world with a little child is a bold decision. It is immensely important, who helps with it, who gives advice, provides information and manages the whole thing. And it is especially reassuring if they are present in the given country.
We found the website of CSE Australia on the Internet, which is, as everyone can see, such, that after reading through it, one can feel like they are already in Australia. After the first presentation in their office in Budapest we knew for sure, that if we were going, we were going with them. They organized our departure, though it was not happening just yet. But finally we succeeded and now we are HERE. They continuously helped us during the hard beginning, with any kind of problems they did not let go of our hands. Csaba provided such help, that made it easier for us to proceed. And Timi is now organising for Grandma to visit us.
We might as well admit, if there is no CSE Australia, we would not be HERE. Thank You!