Anna Dudas

I have been living in Australia for almost a year now and I do not regret my decision. I arrived alone with the goal to look around and see whether or not I could live here?! English speaking area, nice weather and interesting people from around the world... First I didn't like Sydney, but I have changed my mind since I moved here. The first positive impression hit me was when I walked down to Bondi Beach at dawn and watched the waves. At times like that I think: "this is one of the reasons I am here".
In Sydney I got back my motivation, my willpower and my desire to prove my abilities. The road to citizenship seems very long and difficult, and the work and studying consumes a lot of money and energy. But I think that is what motivates me. It is a challenge. I want to carry it through, because I hope that it will be worth the effort in the end. Australia is economically stable, the wages are good and there is no problem with public security. I live in a beautiful, bustling metropolis, I think I am in a good place for now.

I want to thank the team of CSE Australia for the encouragement and the professional administration. Together we found a way to settlement. They helped me arrange the insurance, the medical examination, the college, the Student visa. They answered all my questions immediately and looked for solutions.
Andi called me on my birthday, that I received my Student visa. It was the greatest gift. We were on our way to Melbourne that day, I would like to share that picture with you.