Zsolt Zimler and Zita Zimler-Guoth

Hi mate, in other words, hello dear visitor!
Well, we had a childhood dream: go to Australia and live our life there if we wanted. This dream came true by Edit, Csaba and Nudli.
We are not one of those who wanted to make it quick and easy to get into the land of koalas and kangaroos (any many other magnificent things). We chose the slower way which guaranteed us to stay here if we wanted, without any visa issues.
There was an agency we left crying and disappointed, because they could manage a student visa only, and we believed there is no other way. Fortunately, we met Edith and Csaba at Language Parade and even after a short conversation they saw other opportunities for us. After checking our documents we knew we wanted to have the skill assessed, state supported permanent resident status.
Thank you so much Edith and Csaba for making a working plan about our dreams and goals, helped us in our way and told us what to do to receive the skill assessment, as well as the state support permanent residency in 8-9 months.
After receiving the good news we just had to come here, we shall not be anxious when our visa will expire, what kind of extension can we have and which school shall we enrol. We stay as long as we please and live a life we always dreamt of.
We are not saying there are no obstacles and we have nothing to do for the sake of our future. But if you are willing to work hard for your dreams, then CSE Australia is the best call for legal services. Also they help in starting your new life, for instance bank account, accommodation, phone and tax file number.
If we should start over again, or we have any kind of questions, it is sure we’d approach CSE Australia again, while cuddling Nudli. :)

We wish you all the very best of luck and to have great experience with CSE Australia!
Zita and Zsolt