Rajz Juli

I'm very satisfied with CSEAustralia which is why I have been renting accommodation from them for over a year now. It really matters that you can rent a room from a company that speaks fluent Hungarian, it gives you a sense of security in this cultural diversity that strikes you in Sydney. It also matters a lot that the contracts are fair, yet still flexible if any changes are needed. I have heard many stories where my classmates or acquaintances did not get their deposit back or months later they could only get their money back by begging or arguements. This can never happen to you. CSEAustralia is very popular among international students, not just Hungarians. I keep running into classmates who also rent rooms from them. Room rates correlate with with the market conditions in Sydney, but provide much better service. Everthing in my room was brand new when I moved into the Maroubra house: a clean, decent room, a made bed was waiting for me after 30 hours of flying! In most accomodations you will be happy to find a bed, not to mention bed linen, but it is almost certain that you would have to clean the room. It matters so much when you go to a different continent - where in most cases (like mine) you don't know a single soul - and you are able to live in a normal, civilized environment, instead of breaking down in a dirty hole, asking yourself: why am I even here? :) In the CSEAustralia houses you can feel equal to the others, no matter when you arrive or how long you stay.