Krisztina Hudak

I dreamt about it. I set the mark before me. And with my E-visitor visa, I’ve arrived in Sydney to study English at the end of February, 2017. Living abroad wasn’t much of a strange thing for me as I lived in several European countries before I travelled to Australia. A couple of days after my arrival, the English course started, and that’s when I decided to continue my studies here, in Sydney, on the Master of Business course.

My student visa application was submitted at the end of March and its evaluation lasted for almost 4 months, so that period in my life was really tense. But I’ve been living here with a student visa since July and hopefully this will help me establish the visa application, because I’d really like to settle down here, as in the last 5 months I absolutely fell in love with this country. Obviously, the growing number of friends and acquaintances have helped me in this, as well as the loads of experiences this buzzing city gave me – not mentioning the weather.

It is still unbelievable for me to be here and getting into this huge journey. In my opinion, I made the best decision of my life choosing this path. I truly appreciate the CSE Australia team’s hard work with my tourist and student visa administration as well as helping and dealing with my other cases.