Nora Sevenyhazi (Nora Budai)

You need 3 things to move to Australia: money, endurance and the CSE Australia team! CSE Australia managed a student visa for me 2 years ago. I was completely satisfied because each member of the team was very conscientious, so I contacted CSE Australia again. Edith got a partner visa for me in a short time. First of all, I needed money because the visa is expensive. Then, I needed endurance, because the wait was long. Fortunately I got endurance from my husband and Edith. Finally, I needed the CSE Australia team, because no matter how much money you have, and you can be terribly assiduous, if the person who manage the things you is not good enough! Fortunately I was in good hands. I am very grateful to whole team for their job and support!
If you found the CSE Australia, you found the best team.