Melinda Urban and her family

Having a 4 year old child makes decisions harder, but we felt we could only win, so we started to prepare our life in Australia.
We attended the immigration seminar in Budapest and after this it was not a question anymore which agency is going to deal with our case. Edith’s professionalism and attitude convinced us in the first moment. She is not planting fake hopes in you, but she considers every possibility. She prepared us to know our goal is achievable, but there is a long and hard road ahead. I could write a novel about our visa process and how she dealt with the issues, but long story short: Edith is a professional, an expert. If you have any chance to come to Australia, she’ll make it.
I’m not saying it was easy, but hard work always pays off, so our family of 3 now lives in the sunny Sydney for six months, as permanent residents. We love our new life here!
It is really importent that CSE Australia doesn’t let you go after you got your visa. After you arrive, they help you in your first steps in your new country and this is a huge and helpful relief!
And how does it feel to live in Sydney? Well, how would it be to be on the beach every day? To see the sunrise from the Sydney Harbour Bridge every morning?
If you would like to have such experiences, contact CSE Australia and they’ll make it possible for you!
Krisztián, Melinda and Kristóf