Geza Kalocz

So, I hope what I want to say will help a little to those who are thinking about immigration.
It was a hard decision as I have two daughters and a newborn grandchild.
I was an entrepreneur between 1992 and 1998 and a business owner between 1998 and 2008 and I worked hard, I had many responsibilities. I spent 2008 thinking about where to work in the future. I was 46 years old that time and many people don’t take big steps at this age but I had enough. I think everybody understands what I mean to say, because every problem we receive from higher levels impacts people.
I jumped onto the internet and surfed around the World to find a place where I should not work until I get sick or be anxious all the time. I was not afraid of working, I love what I do. But I didn’t feel valued at home. I shouldn’t have left the place I was born in and grew up, I have two beautiful daughters, I always worked hard, and still I didn’t feel safe. Long story short, I had to leave my country.