Emese Suto

I’ve already been in Australia in 2007 as a student. That time I was not thinking about staying here as I thought it’s impossible and too complicated. Looking back now I see it was easy. Obviously, I shall thank this for the CSE Australia, especially Edith. Thank you!
I came again in 2008 with student visa again, which took a while to get. In 2009 I got Edith’s phone number from a friend and I felt after our first conversation that I’m in the right hands. She was different, than the others, if you know what I mean. No trash talk. I gave her green lights and told her I just want to live in Australia free and I didn’t want to pay for school again. Edith studied different pathways, my job would have been easy but she made another call. I shall say it was the best decision! Now I am here and I have a smooth way until the citizenship, as I received my permanent resident status in March 2012. I can’t be freer here!
It was an excellent job done by an excellent team. Thank you again everyone, thank you CSE Australia!