Edit Mucsi and her family

We contacted CSE Australia in 2014, when we found them after a long search. We went to their seminar in Budapest, where Edith was very motivating, but still emphasised the facts, and we knew this was the agency we wanted to trust with our visa administration.

We had a definite idea, meaning that with a family the PR visa was the only option. We wouldn’t have succeeded without Edith’s determination and knowledge. In this process everyone has their own cross. For us it started with the qualification recognition. Edith kept twisting it until it was eligible for a PR visa subclass 190. (And I don’t want to talk about the battles with IELTS.) It was a 21 months long joint struggle for the visa. It was a good feeling, that CSE Australia tried to shape the process to our preferences and did not try to talk us into a different type of visa, because it would have been easier to get. They look after you, but you need to know what you want and if you accept a piece of advice: listen to Edith when she says on the seminar, that the easier a visa is to obtain, the harder it is to start fresh with it once you are there.

We have been living in a seaside suburb in Adelaide for almost two years now. The first 8 months were extremely hard even with a PR visa, but without a job and the feeling of being useful. But we knew all along what (and where) we wanted to work and we “only” had to stick to the plan. Today those 8 months are just a memory, but it was a big lesson in all respects – and it was worth it! We love “Edelény” (Adelaide), its coast, the millions of natural miracles around us, the kind people, the good vines and of course the BBQ parties.

Thank You, CSE Australia!