Csongor Halmai

We decided to leave Hungary around the Christmas of 2011. It was obvious to target and English speaking country, more specifically New Zealand and Australia. Even that night we started to research online madly, searching for answers like in a competition, however here the subject countries were not neighbours, but the ones at the other end of the World. It turned out that New Zealand is more beautiful, but Australia is better in every other aspect. During Christmas we shared our plan with a few family members as we didn’t want to freak them out. :) Opinions were different, there were people who thought we lost our mind, and others supported us. Finally we found out about CSE Australia through friends and family. Before I couldn’t even imagine the amount of people migrating to Australia that it requires agencies, but in one hand it is unfortunately true, but on the other hand the visa system is so complicated that it is impossible to understand by a simple human.
We could just squeeze ourselves into an immigration seminar in February. We arrived already knowing about the visa types, especially the permanent residency, which would suit a family the best, but we also knew this is the hardest one to get. We knew we have a little chance, but the clock is ticking closer to 40 years because of the scoring system. It was not a question if we take the risk by ourselves, that we might miss a deadline because of a misunderstanding or we seek help from a professional agency to help us. Luckily we made the right decision.
Edith and the team seemed to be agile, experienced and expert bunch of people, not to mention they can manage adventurous people like us very well. When someone is making a life changing decision, these factors matter a lot.
So the goal was to get every required paper before I turn 40. The IELTS and the Europass from the JATE seemed to be the hardest ones. At uni my relationships with my old lecturers and fellow students helped and I could take a successful exam after an intense 10 month of studying and 3 times failure. Couple of months before the deadline I had every document, later on even my wife could have and IELTS, which decreased the expense of our visa.
At the end of February, just before my 40th birthday Edith submitted my papers and I received the phone call in April that I can took a flight even tomorrow! :)
Some of my family members were proud of me, while others were sad, but long story short, I arrived in Australia in November 2013. However we had no contract about the post arrival services, CSE Australia helped me a lot after my arrival. We quickly managed every official document in Sydney so I could head to my final destination, Melbourne. Everything went okay: before Christmas I got a job offer and starting to work in January. The female section of my family is arriving soon. As you can see I wait for them so much! :)

Immigration is always a costly move and if anything goes wrong it can hurt a lot. If I had to decide again, I’d choose CSE Australia only! :)