Adrienn Mravik and Tibor Palmai

A dream has come true, I am writing to you from Canberra, with a 190 Skill Nominated Permanent visa in my pocket. I could say how CSE Australia managed our case and helped us, but many people has told that before. As for me this is not the point, however I know it is important to have updated and fresh knowledge and there are many things contributed in helping us to be here. The real point is the hope, the persistence and the faith what Edith and her team has, and without these we wouldn’t start the whole process either. They gave us hope and encouraged us to start the journey, they were persistent for us and kept on having faith in our dream, even in difficult times. This is what dreamers need, as well as those ones who try to sell dreams. Because this is what they do: they sell our dreams to us, so we can keep on dreaming every day.