Valentina Toth and Zoltan Hajas

We decided to try our luck in Australia in December of 2012. Since I had previously lived in Sydney for 2 years, I somewhat knew what was waiting for us, but Timi provided us with plenty of useful information during planning at home, and Andi, too, after we arrived. A few months later we applied for the eVisitor visa and in November of 2013 we arrived in Sydney. Within a month we decided we did not want to leave. I think once somebody gets here the beauty and opportunities Australia has to offer just captures them. And besides, I always wanted to go to university, and with the help of CSE Australia we made that happen.

I would like to especially thank Andi for her work. She arranged our Student visa, the school papers, the enrolment and our insurance. And last but not least the tuition fee was a lot cheaper since I applied through them.

In February Edith handed in the Student visa and we received it within a few days until 2016, so from March I am going to be attending Williams College in North Sydney.

We owe a huge thank you to CSE Australia, because they helped us with everything. I think without them it would have been impossible. :)

We recommend them to everybody, even if just for enquiry or settlement or Student visa, contact them, because if anybody can help, they can help in everything and give answers.
They are experienced, reliable and patient. :)
We thank CSE Australia for being able to be here!

Kind regards to everybody from the sunlit island of the kangaroo's,
Zoli and Valentina