Mark Heider's story

Hello all,

I’m a 33-year-old guy from Budapest that loves to travel, go on adventures, meet other cultures, communicate and read. I lived in the capital of Hungary and attended law at the University Pazmany.
After graduating as a lawyer, I took a job in this field, but did not pursue it for long. I thought, let’s check some gorgeous places off the bucket list. I secretly longed for a challenge abroad too and so my decision fell to the “neighbouring” Australia.

I landed on the continent, more precisely in Sydney for the first time in the autumn of 2013.
The agency arranging my visa had been working relentlessly on my case, right up to the moment I arrived to the land of kangaroos. After that their helpful attitude changed so much, that I found myself completely alone in an unknown metropolis. They were not waiting for me, they did not offer me accommodation, only said they would. So I spent my first days with a rather straightforward friend, who openly criticized this. After flying 17 000 kms and feeling barely acclimatized, I visited the company recommended by my host. This is how I came into contact with the professional CSE Australia. It is 2019 november now and for the past 6 years I have been discussing and my plans with them, and they have been helping me on my Australian way.

CSE Australia had no business interest when they helped me out, as I was a ‘foreign student’.
Still, after a short talk the provided me with accommodation in one of their student houses. I am truly grateful to them for this gesture. It was clear from the first moment that with them, there’s no place for bullshit and misleading: there’s real knowledge behind Edit and Csaba. Without sugarcoating, they are honest with you so that you are able to reach your long term goals. In other words: the client is the most important to them, and I find this kind of leadership attitude really important and exemplary.
They also organize events like picnics and BBQs to meet up and connect with clients.

Unfortunately in 2014 I had to leave my Australian life and go back to Hungary for family health reasons. That stay took a lot longer than I intended it to, but I kept in touch with CSE Australia. They put up with the hardships of my private life, then in 2017 october, through their organization and school arrangement I could return to my original path.

If you are planning to go to Australia and want a trustworthy team by your side, then turn to CSE Australia, because they provide high quality, client-focused, professional service.

I wish everyone good luck! :)

Regards, dr. Mark Heider, Sydney