Eva Kokovay

In the winter of 2013 I had been living in Germany for more than a year when I decided that I wanted to spend some time in Australia. I had no idea how to start organising or what my options were, so I started searching on Google and the website of CSE Australia came up. I liked the page and saw that the people working there knew what they were doing, since they had walked on the same path before, or are still living there.

After a few emails we talked via Skype. I received all the information I needed and after acquiring the necessary documents I arrived in Sydney! I was very satisfied, because all I had to do was to be at the airport on time and the rest was taken care of (school, visa, bank account etc.).

I am very happy I reached out to CSE Australia – they provided so much help with arranging every little detail, that I would probably never have even started all this without them.

I have been here for almost five months and I love it!

Eva Kokovay