Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of language courses can I attend?

    You can choose from general, business, exam or university preparatory courses.

  • How long are the language courses?

    The length of the courses are usually not fixed. It depends on how many weeks the applicant wants to attend.

  • When do the language courses start?

    Every Monday.

  • How many lessons do I have to attend?

    Depending on the courses the schooldays are from Monday to Thursday or from Monday to Friday. You must be present at 80% of the lessons in all cases.

  • Are there any admission requirements in the language schools?

    No, there aren’t any.

  • Can someone apply for a language course even if they do not speak English at all?

    Yes, they can. There are courses for beginners as well.

  • What level of course will I attend?

    You will have to complete a written placement test and an oral test at the time of your enrolment and you will be put in a group appropriate for your level.

  • Are there any differences between the language schools?

    Yes, there are. We are happy to provide any information you need in our office. To make an appointment, you can find the necessary information to get in touch with us under the Contact menu.

  • What is my timetable going to be like?

    The timetables are different in every school, but most schools have both morning and afternoon classes.

  • Can I change from the morning classes to the afternoon ones during the course?

    As long as the school provides courses in both periods, you have the opportunity to change from one to the other by paying a certain amount of administration fee.

  • What kind of tests can I expect in the schools?

    The way and frequency of testing is different in each school. There can be weekly tests and monthly placement tests as well. It depends on the school and your teacher.

  • How many students are there in a class?

    The number of students in a class is usually between 10–16, depending on the schools.

  • What nationality will my classmates have?

    The schools try to form groups in a way that less students of the same nationality will be in the same groups.

  • What kind of certificate will I receive at the end of the course?

    The language schools will give you a certificate stating the level of your acquired skills at the end of the course.

  • How much do language courses cost?

    The prices vary from school to school and they are given per week. We can guarantee to find the most favorable option to meet your expectations.

  • Which city offers the cheapest language courses?

    You can find the most favorable prices in Sydney. It is because the highest number of language schools are in Sydney, so there is a high competition between the schools. The low prices should not deceive anyone, the quality of education is one of the highest standard in the world.

  • Who can I turn to if I have a problem in the school?

    You can turn to your teacher or to the team of CSE Australia. The employees of the schools and the representatives of our company are all willing to help you in case you have any questions.

    Our Australian contact information: Suite 604A, 32 York St. Sydney, NSW, 2000 or +61 (0) 2 9299 5882.

  • Do I have to give proof of my financial background if I would like to attend an English course in Australia?

    Not necessarily, however, sometimes the case officer can request financial statements from Student visa applicants. In this case you will have to prove to the Australian government that you have a proper financial background to be able to subsist during your studies even if you do not take up a job. In case you need further information, get in touch with our educational advisors in our Australian head office or in our office based in Hungary.

  • How long does the evaluation of the Australian Student visas for language courses usually take?

    The evaluation of the Australian Student visas (Subclass 500) for English language courses does not take longer than 23 days 75% of the time and it is done in less than 38 days 90% of the time according to the latest data of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.
    In our experience the evaluation usually doesn’t take longer, but there is no upper limit for the evaluation time of the Australian Student visa.

  • How can I prove to the Australian Department of Home Affairs that I possess the required financial coverage, if I would like to study in Australia?

    The easiest way to prove your financial background is with your own bank account. The required amount depends on the number of applicants (one person, a couple or a family), the length of the visa and even the type of the chosen course.
    The required amount can be in any currency, the official of the Australian government will convert the sum on the account into Australian dollars at the current exchange rate at the time of the evaluation of the visa.