Szabolcs Varga and his family

First thoughts about moving to Australia emerged 4 years ago. We visited some another agent who told us that we can’t get the PR visa because we don’t have enough professional experience, therefore we haven’t made actions. But we couldn’t throw out our plan and 2 years ago we started to collect information on the web. We found CSE Australia’s website where we read many positive feedbacks. That was the point we decided to ask them whether we have chance or not.
First of all we sent Szabolcs’s resume to Edith and she answered that we definitely have chance. During a one and a half hour long Skype call Edith informed us how the process will look like. She hadn’t missed the bad news, not even the difficulties. So after it we had a clear insight how it goes and we could calculate how much money and time it costs. Edith told us the worst scenario and the plan as well. This proved us that she really understands and knows the whole process and not only the easy ways.
We received our much awaited visa this January. And we arrived to Melbourne on 15th of April.
Thanks Edith and CSE Australia’s team for help to start a new life in Australia! We highly recommend them for those who what to move to Australia.