Peter Tomasovszki

I had enough about the situation at home so I started to explore my opportunities abroad. Finally I’ve decided to go to Australia, which was not a hard decision at all. :) But there was the big question about the visa. I was thinking, how hard it could be? So I did a lot of research, but after a lot of headaches and coffees it still looked extremely complicated, I’ve decided to listen to my father who always says “ son, be an expert in something and do it for living, but if you need something, seek a professional, pay the price and don’t waste your time.” Here came CSE Australia and I quickly booked an appointment for a consultation. After entering their office I though this is fair enough, then I had a conversation with Edit. About her, Csaba and Andras: they are fair and positive people, exactly the ones who need, as you are not going for holidays. Edith was waiting for me scenarios, which could be destroyed as I made a mistake and forgot to mention my engineering background, which overwrote everything. It distracted me only, as Edith quickly checked something smiling in the meantime. Then she asked me if I wanted to live and work in Australia. I was lucky to have my degree and to have Edith knowing about this particular visa. For me everything went quickly and smoothly. She told me which kind of document to provide, wat the next move should be and she was always available for me when I needed some direction. She was available even on weekends. However, do not disturb her! :)
You could think you got this and could save some money on the visa, but this is not true. I’m sure many people can apply for the visa (receiving positive answer is another cup of tea), but I’m also sure you waste more money and time because of the lack of knowledge than you pay for the CSE Australia. Not to mention you earn a fair amount here and driving to home along the beach is a tremendous feeling. I’m here for 1,5 years now. The first 6 months were extremely hard but then I had my necessities and things are getting more convenient. However, I miss my family who are 15 000 km away. This is the hardest part for me and I think everyone should be prepared who come to Australia alone. I just talked to Edith recently to seek her advice about a visa which – according to her – is out of her league. I talked to her multiple times, asking a lot of questions and she was as helpful and professional as back in the day. When she told me what kind of visa I’d go for, I talked to the agent of my company who told me the exact same thing Edith did, however this agent was specialized in this visa. So, do I recommend CSE Australia and Edith? Only when you want to come to Australia for real and want to live your life as a never ending holiday… :)