Kriszti and Zsolt

To our adventure seeking and new challenge facing compatriots!
We, like many others, took a turn and ended up in Sydney. But not so simply of course. :)
In May of 2014 we decided to try and live in another country. The upmost reason was to improve our English skills, so we were looking for English speaking areas. England is close to Hungary, and it seems like nowadays it is a good place to learn European languages, rather then English. America wasn't desirable for us, so Australia it was. It is fortunate, that we were thinking like that, because Sydney is a gorgeous place (England and America must be, too).
We looked around for options to go to Sydney, and that is how we found CSE Australia's website.
After corresponding, consulting and meetings we successfully received the Student visa with the help of CSE Australia.
We are very happy to be here and get to know life here.
It is a bit different from home.
We would like to say thank you again for all the help and patience!

Greetings from Sydney,
Kriszti and Zsolt