Kotorman Zsuzsa and Hayley Scarborough

If you’d like to live, study or just visit Australia, search no more! CSE Australia is the most trustworthy and most human agency ever existed!
I worked at an American cruising company for more than 7 years with my Australian partner, Hayley and we decided in 2013 to settle down. I speak English, but she doesn’t speak Hungarian, so we decided to live in Australia and started to do some research about the possibilities. I sent heaps of e-mails and the first reply I get was from Csaba. I don’t know anyone who lives in Australia so I trusted my guts and it turned out to be a good decision! After our Skype meeting with Edith I’ve decided for good to let my case managed by CSE Australia, because I was impressed by her knowledge about the Australian immigration system. She never gave me fake hopes that it was easy or quick. She always prepared us for the worst scenario, so we were never surprised. We were in touch all the time. There were a massive amount of document required, and she could set up a strong application. Edith applied for my permanent residency in April 2014 and surprisingly the Australian Immigration Office started to check my documents in May. It was the biggest surprise ever in September (5 month after application) when I was informed about the approval of my permanent resident visa. I am 100% sure that without Edith and CSE Australia I couldn’t make it, not even this quick! Tons of thanks to you!