Klara Gyamfine Fornosi

And it did become true....We live on the beach in Australia, in Adelaide.
We made a decision 5 years ago to bring up our daughter in a multicultural society, a warmer, beach environment, far from the Hungarian state educational system.
Unfortunately, we lost almost 4 years by trying to reach it through an other agency, but one of my dear students found CSE Australia in Sydney after going through similar failures.
Then everything just speeded up : Edit managed to get my skill assessment within half a year. As destiny arranged that state sponsored places ran out exactly that day, Edit and Csaba asked me to join their team and help their clients reach IELTS Band 7 till we wait for the 1st July 2014 quota opening.
After having 3 IELTS exams band 8.5 in my pocket and 14 years of teaching behind my back, I was happy to take this challenge.
It is a fantastic feeling to see that my students' dream come true. And on 6th November 2014 it was my turn..... We received our permanent visas.
Since then I have been a bit selfish to invite all my students to move in my neighbourhood, so the barbecue parties can begin. And our daughter, Anna just loves the school !!!
Thank you very much CSE Australia!!!!
Klara Gyamfine Fornosi, Anna Gyamfi-Fornosi and Adams Akwasi Gyamfi