Juza Miloslav and Reka Stifan

We arrived in Australia in November 2010 with student visa, managed by CSE Australia. They were recommended by a friend of ours and we had blind trust in them as we haven’t met in person until we arrived into the country. 6 months after our arrival they offered me the opportunity to join their team, so since then I manage the accommodation and airport pick-ups, like I help in bank accounts and phone package issues.
After Milan’s graduation we applied for the permanent residency with Edith’s help, which was accepted exactly 3 months after application. Therefore, on the third day of our second anniversary in Sydney we become permanent residents.
We consulted four other agents for massive dollars, but we wanted to have different opinions, because this was about our life, like you do at the doctor. We had to realize that nobody can compete Edith, because she is the one who knows every answer, quote the law and fight for you if she has to.
As my mother would say, tie your pants because the road to the PR is hard and exhausting, but it is worth fighting! Having Edith by your side makes it even easier.
Again, thank you all for everything!