Gabor Nagy and Barbara Szucs

I’ve never thought, but now it is real that we’ve been living in Perth for more than 6 months now with my fiancée as Australian Permanent Residents. I thought I tell you our story to show people it is possible and give you the proof it is worth trying.
I went to the university in the U.S. and there I could experience the feeling when you are appreciated and valuable, even you can live free, without stress. After graduation I decided to go back to Hungary (now I know it was a bad call). In a nutshell, those 5 years was not successful, however I could get out two things. Firstly, I gained relevant professional experience, secondly, I decided to go and live abroad again. In the meantime my brother has found CSE Australia and decided to study in Australia by this team. It tells a lot about the prompt and quick service of CSE Australia that he decided to go to Australia in July and by November he was in Sydney. Hearing his stories of success I decided to give it a go and let my case to be managed by the experts of CSE Australia. I dreamt bit bigger and aimed the permanent residency. Edith managed the whole case since the beginning and the process took roughly a year. Now I know if you try harder, you can make it even in 6-8 months, thanks to Edith’s relevant, fresh, timely and sometimes pushy management. I think it is important to have a trustworthy immigration agent because the laws and regulations keep on changing. CSE Australia has offices in Budapest and Sydney, too; therefore I never felt they are unavailable. I always had the feeling I am their only client, however I knew how busy they are. For me this is nothing but trustworthiness and customer focused. Surely, I can turn to them anytime to get a good piece of advice and Edith finds the way to spend some time with my case.
Though we’ve just started our new live recently, and we have to work extremely hard for success 8as anywhere else in the World), we know that back in the day we made perhaps the best decision of our lives and came to Australia.