Fruzsina and Csongor Tatrai

To those, who seek a new life!

Hello, hello! South Australia – Adelaide has been our home for two months now and we just Love it! We decided about one year ago, that we would like to live in Australia and after tons of organising we are here with the help of CSE Australia. ;) We had been living in Budapest, in the heart of the city, in the world of noise, smog, and of course the unforgettable, always present stress, lack of money, hopelessness... We have had enough! I had worked in a bank for more than 8 years for a relatively average salary, but unfortunately it was not enough for us to start a family. We had to leave, which is hard now, because we miss everybody, but we try to make new connections, which is going very well this far. ;) Everyone here is very friendly and smiling, sad people are not to be seen on the streets or the public transport. We opted for Adelaide, because here we can live near the city, but surrounded by nature, and everything is close by car. The house we live in is in a very pretty part of the city and the coast is also just 10 minutes away, we can go down whenever. ;) It is good to be here and we hope very much, that we can stay here forever. ;)

Fruzsina & Csongor