Ferenc Kajari

Thanks to the devoted, diligent, reliable, precise and fast administration of CSE Australia I finally received my Student visa and after the English course I can start the profession of my dreams in the Fitness and Sport Instructor school.
I first contacted the office in Budapest from England. Gyöngyi Papp tried to help me with everything right away, we even talked on the phone several times. She arranged the matters very cleverly, quickly and precisely.
When I travelled to Australia I arrived in Sydney first to visit a friend of mine and contacted Rita Szűcs. She also granted me a very helpful, precise and fast administration.

Thanks to the skills of Edith Pleskonics, Immigration Agent, I was ensured with the comprehension and keeping the law and rules.
Then I flew to Melbourne to start my studies and improve my English skills in Ability English school.
We handed in my application for a Student visa on the 25th of February 2018 and today, on the 26th of March 2018 thanks to God and CSE Australia I successfully received the Student visa. Now I only have to finish the English school and reach the required score and I can start the Fitness and Sport Instructor school.

In the picture you can see the students from my English group and there is me on the right in pink.
Australia is breathtakingly beautiful and the people are unbelievably kind.
I would like to thank the team at CSE Australia for everything and I gladly recommend them to all of You!

I wish everyone a nice day and all the best!

Kind regards,
Ferenc Kajári