Eszter Farkas and Gabor Pajtas

Our Australian dream started back in 2010 and turned out to be very complicated. At the time we contacted a different agent, who instantly dismissed us saying that we have zero chance at this. Unfortunately we completely gave up our dream after this, instead of looking for another agency. 4 years had passed, during that time we have lived in England, but realised that we were looking for something else. It was essential for us, that we go to an English speaking area. I thought I would learn a new profession and we have both been longing for a warm and sunny country. We thought we would link studying with work and that is how we started thinking about Australia again. This time we were looking for an agency to manage our Student visa. Out of two there was one that showed interest in me. Their experience and knowledge in the field was obvious. They were CSE Australia. The fact that they have offices in both the countries was very important to us, because it gave us a sense of security in a big and expensive project. I have been to one of their Immigration seminars, too, and by then they had already looked into our case and Edith turned to us with an interesting shift: the possibility of immigration instead of the Student visa. Unfortunately by the time I received my Australian skill accreditation, state sponsorship was already off the table, so we stayed with studying, but we are still trying to obtain a PR visa. We had to wait for our Student visa for a pretty long time, which was very grinding and we almost gave up on it, but in the end we got it. There were some unexpected critical difficulties at the beginning, but we have got over them and now we can start planning our future here. I am currently studying in MBA and the second trimester is almost over already. We live on a gorgeous farm with my husband near Brisbane in “The Outback” or in “The Bush” with our Australian relatives. We are very happy, that we are able to live in this wonderful country and that we have met so many great people here. We would like to thank CSE Australia for their help, work and patience and recommend them to everyone!