Dora Lippoy and Peter Kovacs

Why CSE Australia? Give it a go and you will know, but you won’t be disappointed! We’ve been living in Perth for 1,5 year now. We came here by another agency, and we tried many agents. We had lots of disappointments, because that time we haven’t found the One (CSE Australia) yet. Finally we found an okay agency and came to Australia. We had visa issues again and our friends recommended CSE Australia, so we thought to contact them and let’s see. It was a great call! They know what they are doing, they are precise and quick, even when they are busy. Every member of the team know the cases, so they can help. They kept their words and answered our questions. Everything went smoothly and quickly, however we were in touch online and on the phone only. Every member is nice and helpful, I can talk about this a lot…
So, if Australian visa, then CSE Australia, or as we called them the “CS agent” (hope you guys don’t mind it). You’ll receive professional, timely and nice service.