Diana Juhaszne Takacs and Tamas Juhasz

It has been almost a year since we chose Australia as the next chapter of our lives... whether it is going to be for a shorter or a longer period, we don't know yet, but for now it seems like we are staying for two years. :-) A friend of ours, who just received their PR, recommended CSE Australia, so we decided to go to their Immigration Seminar. After the seminar we arranged a meeting with Edith, and just like the others, she explained very passionately what we could expect. This happened last August, and she encouraged us, that if we meet a couple more conditions, than we can go for the PR, too, in 1-2 years.
We didn't want to stay home for that long, so we chose to apply for a Student visa and CSE Australia enrolled me in Holmes. I started the first trimester last March and I am loving it. Meanwhile my husband found a job and likes to work. :-) The colleagues of CSE Australia were and still are very enthusiastic and helpful here in Sydney as well, they helped immensely, we were able to turn to them with any question. I recommend them for everybody and we continue our journey towards the PR visa with their help...