Botond Limbacher

I spent nearly a year in Australia in 2012 and ever since I left I wanted to move back. I have met CSE Australia’s team at a Job Fair, where I had the chance to talk to Edit about my opportunities in Australia. After a quick and satisfying overview, I left with some brochures. After half a year of thinking I eventually found myself in their office in Budapest. Seeing Csaba’s knowledge and professionalism it didn’t even cross my mind to contact any other agencies. We completed the paperwork very quickly and after receiving some useful tips I bought my flight ticket to Melbourne. The journey went just as smooth as the communication with the office even from Australia. Thanks to their office in Sydney, the team is available at any time during the day to discuss any questions and solve the problems. Thanks to this my visa application went well, too, and it makes me feel good that I can count on the team for help any time in the future.