Andras Koncz

The adventure began exactly 8 months ago, when I decided that it is time to step further with what I have planned for a long time and move to Sydney.
The vision was already there, only the concrete plan was missing.
I didn’t want to take any chances, because it was about my whole future, so I checked every possible option and after deep consideration I chose CSE Australia as my authorized representative in my visa management.

And it was a very good decision to choose them.
They have helped with every step of the way and were available any time during the day if I needed them. When somebody is planning to make such an important change in their lives, then it is very good to know that a professional, experienced and friendly team stands behind them, who they can always count on.

Today I am a happy owner of a Student visa, and will spend the next 3 years in Australia for sure. Every day I am grateful to be here, to be able start my mornings jogging on Bondi Beach and on my weekends go for trips to breathtaking places and go surfing to different beaches every time, and that I can spend my vacations on Bali and Thailand.
People are kind and helpful and the gastronomy is first-class. One cannot imagine it is possible to live like this until they have tried. And I wouldn’t want to imagine living otherwise anymore.

Thank you CSE Australia!