Akos Szonyi and his family

We met with Edith and the team for the first time during an immigration presentation in 2013. Edith and Csaba were both professionally and humanly attractive, so we made an appointment with them. Edith needed a short time to assess our situation, and then she told us that the things we should do. Edith always has B or C plan and if necessary she fights for the cause and for her clients. Edith and the team were available 24 hours a day. :)
When we arrived in Sydney with our 2 and a half year old son, CSE Australia provided us a huge security that they were waiting for us at the airport. The Australian team and Edith willingly helped us in everything. Thank you again! We got the Permanent Resident visa in less than 1 year, thanks to CSE Australia’s professional job. We are living in Adelaide for a few months now and we found our dream home. Our son has been going to school preparatory education. We are happy and grateful. We heartily recommend to everyone Australia and CSE Australia’s team!

Ákos, Kriszta and Dávid