Akos Percsy és Marina Agh

Marina and I started thinking about moving abroad in the spring of 2016. We were both at a point in our lives where it was easy for us to make a change. Since I had visited Australia multiple times by then, I felt like it would be the most appropriate place to start an adventure.

We reached out to CSE Australia last June at the recommendation of our Hungarian friends living in Melbourne. Since our relationship with Csaba and the others didn’t start by them frightening us with endless costs, we felt like this dream was attainable for us too, even without much of a commitment. From that point on we decided to let them handle our case, since they had a well-oiled routine and they seemed prepared and trustworthy, even though they didn’t always say what we would’ve liked to hear. It was also at Csaba’s suggestion that we decided to get married, which was a very good decision not only in terms of immigration policy but also for our relationship. Of course we encountered hardships in the preparation period because the entry regulations change constantly, which filled us with worry along with the uncertainties of the relocation, but Edit, Csaba and Rita were always able to calm us down.

In the end, on May 4th 2017, two months after our arrival and a little over a month after submitting our application for the visa, we both got the permission to stay in Australia for 2+2 years, me to study, and Marina to work.

All in all, I can only recommend CSE Australia to everyone. They can spare you from a lot of research, miscalculation, and paperwork, while their expertise and experience also gives you a feeling of security that only a nomad Mongolian horde wouldn’t need during the stressful times of migration.